Mawhammer - Gallery


Unit Fillers, High Elves - Lothern Sea Guard/Sea Creatures. 

Gallery - First Phase (WIP) Conversions & Terrain

Models Converted by Kris Poppleston.

Korhil, Hunter Captain of the White Lions.

Originally from 5th edition, revisioned for 8th.













Side Rear View.
















Cloak Side View.














Lothern Seaguard, Sea Dragon Command.















Lothern Seaguard, Leviathan Hunters Command.














Eagle's Claw, Repeater Bolt Thrower.





You can see that this Model has been Converted to show it's Crew reloading.








Teclis, High Loemaster of the White Tower of Hoeth.

Originally from 5th edition, revisioned for 8th.
























The Model on the Left is an all plastic Teclis Model.

The Model on the Right is a Converted Wood Elf Spellsinger, into a High Elf Life Mage of Avelorn.












Rear View.















Sword Master of Hoeth & White Lion of Chrace Standard Bearers.





















High Elf Mounted Beast Mage pf Chrace.













Dragon Princes of Caledor, unit of Ten. 

















Side View of Standard Bearer, to show entire length of Banner & Rear Rank Dragon Prince.













Front Side View of Drakemaster & Side Veiw of Musician.













Ellyrion Reavers, unit of Eight.

















Side View of Musician and Standard Bearer & Front Side Veiw of Harbinger.













White Lion Prince of Chrace, Mounted on a War Lion (the War Lion Counts-as a Great Eagle in Games, hence the 50mm Base).

The Lion Shield is a sample of an Alternate Shield .













Alternate Front Side View, to show more Detail of Prince including his Plait.












High Elven Pegasus (the High Elven Pegasus Counts-as a Great Eagle in Games), Converted from a Bretonnian Royal Pegesus.














Front Side Close-up.
















Rear Side Close-up.














Silver Helm Test Model, Front Side View.
















Alternate Front Side View.















Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan.

Originally 6th edition, Revisioned for 8th.















Side View.

















Alternate Side View.















Eltharion the Grim, riding Stormwing.

Using pieces of the 4th edition Model (to Current edition), revisioned for 8th.














Side View.

















Front Close-up.
















High Elven Design, Dice Tower, First Phase.
















Empire Design, Dice Tower, Second Phase.














High Elven Design, Statue of Khaine.

To be used as a Sinister Statue or a Center-piece for an Alter of Khaine, Terrain piece.














Alternate Side View.















WIP - Work/s in Progress.

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