Mawhammer - Warhammer Creations & Designs

Warhammer Creations & Designs

By Kris Poppleston

Custon Built Pieces:

If you like what I do in the Gallery, and you would like me to do something for you, dont hesitate to call/sms or email me for a quote.

I dont just do High Elves, I have converted models from Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Empire, Dwarves, Beastmen, Skaven, Chaos (both Daemons and Warriors), Bretonnia, Vampire Counts (including just over 2,300pts of a Mousillon/Blood Dragon army "using mainly Bretonnian models", and a hooded Giant Cairn Wraith "standing about 7" tall and wielding a 2.5" Sythe") and also Tomb Kings, aswell as from the 40K range such as Tau (in perticular XV15 suits out of XV25's), Necrons, Space Marines and Eldar, to name but a few. I have also done Absolutely Heaps with Mordhiem Warbands, including Pirate-ising pretty much every Warband

I have also worked heavily with Green Stuff (Fur "manged & neat", Hair "short & long, in a LOT of styles", Facial Recontruction "after any mishaps with a hobby knife or the like and/or gravity - for metal models", Armour "ALL kinds", Clothes "new & old, cloaks and footwear", Skin "scaled, feathered, mutated, diseased & similar", Body Parts "mutations & the like, claws, wings & tails", Weapons "new & just adding a little flare - like dripping poison/blood, or raging flames" and also a fair bit of Magical Effects "spells of flame, smoke wind, water, death - a soul being sucked out of an empire soldier and into the grasp of Vampire Lord riding a custom winged nightmare/abyssal terror".).

And dont forget I also create a Lot of Scenery and Dice Towers from Any and All races across the Warhammer universe.

talifan gem of courage

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